About me


An interest in photography started many years ago when, as a child, I was taught how to use a pinhole camera.  I was hooked, and after 6 months in India in 2011, photography moved from hobby to passion to career option.  Having specialised in street photography, I moved back to London and began juggling events photography with a wonderful day job as a teacher.  My style, honed in India and Sri Lanka, has always been relaxed and natural, aiming to report on an event as it happens rather than setting up formal, staged shots.

In 2013, my world was turned upside down by the birth of my baby daughter and I couldn't stop taking photographs of her and her friends (you may spot her sitting in a field of daffodils on my Galleries page)!  At a turning point in my teaching career, I decided that it was the right time to become a full-time photographer, and I set up Rosie Wedderburn Photography.  In May 2016, my family expanded again with the birth of my son and, whilst I have loved nurturing him and watching him change at an alarming pace, I couldn't wait to get back to photography in every spare moment!

I love taking pictures of babies and children and also capturing families (or expectant families), their relationships and the fun they have together, when they are at their most comfortable.  Most of the photoshoots I do are at people's homes or in their gardens and local parks (British weather permitting, of course!).  

I genuinely love what I do.  It's an amazing opportunity to meet new people and a privilege to get a snapshot of family life in all its wonderful guises.  Children grow up and families change so fast.  I get to capture a particular moment of a particular time before it's gone.  I definitely have the best job in the world!

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Portraits of me taken by the incredibly talented Faith Mason.