I know some people hate stuff like this, but each New Year's eve, I like to do a mini review of the previous year.   I make my husband do it with me, and any poor unsuspecting friends who we are celebrating with!  This year, I've also decided to do a review of 2017 in pictures.  All my favourite moments of last year's photoshoots.

It seems deeply unfair to post a load of pictures from an extremely hot summer day, but it's nice to be reminded that the sunshine WILL come again and those long, sweltering days in the park aren't completely gone forever!  The day I met up with this gorgeous family was actually (whisper it) just a little TOO hot!  Chasing active toddler twins and an energetic 4 year old tested my fitness regime (ha ha!  As if I have one of those!) to the max.

What a pleasure to revisit this amazing family, just a few months after sweet Tom was born!  But, what a miserable day!  Fortunately for us all, the idea was put forward to meet at the Botanical Gardens where we headed swiftly for the tropical greenhouse!

AuthorRosie Wedderburn

I cannot believe that I met this delicious little girl TWO YEARS ago!  What has happened to that time?!  It has been such a joy to photograph Julia-Marie regularly throughout the last few years (take a look here and here for some of those pictures) and what a pleasure to see her grow from an observant, enormous-eyed, cuddly baby into the energetic, fun-loving, giggling beauty she is now!

Kate and Tim invited me back to their home a few months after a newborn shoot for little Isabel (see that shoot here) to photograph Tim's family, visiting from Australia.  It was a wonderful reunion for the little girl cousins and a chance to meet the newest family member.

Getting invited into someone's home to take photos of their family is always a complete pleasure and all the more so when you get invited back!  I photographed the adorable Isabel when she was a newborn and then again a few months later, when Tim's family came over from Australia to visit.

Girls, girls! 

Well, they run this family, at least!  What a pleasure it was to photograph this beautiful, fiery, thoughtful, loving bunch of ladies (and their wonderful parents!).  I was greeted with huge enthusiasm by Florence (the middle of the three) who was so full of positive, loving acclamations that I felt immediately welcomed!  I was given a guided tour of the garden, including the trampoline, the teepee, the vegetable patch... It was an action-packed morning! 

...but some things are better in monochrome.  Like newborn photography.  Granted, it's a personal preference, but there's something about a photo of a NEW newborn baby, in black and white, that captures the texture and softness of the baby's skin so perfectly.  Laurie was six days old when I took these photos and he's still got that downy, silky smooth skin.  You can almost smell the amazing, new baby smell on the top of his head!

I feel very fortunate to be asked to go into people's homes and take photos of them with their families.  It is not something I take lightly; I know asking someone into your home is a generous and hospitable thing to do and I really appreciate it.  One of the great things about this is that I get to see how others design their spaces.  As a total interiors addict, it's a great way to get real-life inspiration and I was blown away by Alice and John's fabulous, quirky flat, filled with carefully curated vintage items.

There are few things that I think should be celebrated more than long, happy, laughter-filled marriages!  What amazing joy happy marriages bring, not just to the couple but to all the people around them.  But also, marriage can be really, blimmin' hard (speaking from experience. Sorry, my love, but it's true!).  So those people that manage to stick it out and still be enjoying it 10, 20, even 60 years down the line are my absolute heroes.

It was a huge pleasure to revisit this wonderful family, who I first photographed when Clemmie was a few months old.  Now a very proud older sister, Clemmie was keen to introduce me to Freya, who is the same age as Clemmie was (are you still following me?!) in the first photos I took a few years ago.  She is also almost identical to Clemmie at the same age.  

I absolutely love revisiting families that I have met before and those clients that invite me back hold a very special place in my heart!  This amazing family asked me, a year ago, to come every three months and take photos of them and their daughter as she grows up.  What an incredible privilege, to document Julia-Marie's first year!

As soon as I arrived to take photos of this fabulous family a few weeks ago, Charlie (2 years old) led me into the playroom and showed me his diggers.  He explained (with impressively technical language) how they dig and take away the rubble before the building process begins.  I was pretty confident we were going to have a fun morning.  One look at that cheeky grin confirmed my prediction!

It was a crisp morning when I met up with this lovely family in their local park.  We had to work fast as baby Reuben was due his nap soon and Jem was not one for staying in one place for any length of time (owing to the fact that he is a very normal, energetic 3 year old!).  We began with family shots and I told Jem I was pretty sure he couldn't make Reuben laugh.  He proved me wrong, as you can see!

I have had the enormous privilege of taking photos of beautiful Julia-Marie every 3 months since she was just a tiny baby.  At our recent, 9 month photo shoot, it was amazing to see her crawling, playing, making hilarious faces and generally starting to learn about clowning around and making her parents laugh!

I absolutely loved taking pictures of this amazing family a few months ago, as they readied themselves for their newest arrival.... And now here he is!  Welcome to the world, baby Joshua!

AuthorRosie Wedderburn

I was absolutely thrilled to revisit Anna, Gareth and Rose after the birth of baby Joshua.  Here they were just a week or so before Joshua was born (more images from this photoshoot can be found here):

Firstly, it was clear from the beginning that Luis's smitten parents could not believe their luck, having such a beautiful, perfect little boy arrive in their lives!  I think you can see in these photos their feelings of being overwhelmed by love and wonder!  And secondly, because Luis is being brought up trilingual (Spanish mum, German dad and London home) and if that doesn't make him a lucky, lucky boy, I don't know what does!

I've only recently got into Elton John (I know, talk about being late to the party!) but I'm absolutely loving getting to know his songs the way most people did 30 odd years ago!  One of my faves at the moment is 'Blue Eyes' and I couldn't stop humming it to myself as I edited these photos of the beautiful Julia-Marie.