Getting invited into someone's home to take photos of their family is always a complete pleasure and all the more so when you get invited back!  I photographed the adorable Isabel when she was a newborn and then again a few months later, when Tim's family came over from Australia to visit.  (You'll have to keep an eye on the blog as those photos will be posted in a couple of days!)  It was lovely to see the family in the initial few weeks after birth, adjusting to life with a new family member and sleepless nights!  

I'm always amazed by how fresh-faced my clients look, just days after giving birth!  I can't even look at the photos of me in the weeks after having my babies: I look haggard and exhausted and ancient!  But Tim and Kate seemed to be untouched by the rigours of caring for a newborn AND they were still making each other laugh!  This photo (above) was one of my favourites from the shoot.  An intimate, family moment, that captures real expressions during the sharing of a private joke.  Also, note the tangle of hands in the bottom centre of the picture - every member of the family has their hands together.  It's details like that that you just can't plan for in a photo, but they make it extra special.

When I'm photographing newborns, I like to try and capture the whole range of expressions.  Not just the serene, sweet, sleepy faces, but the way they cry, fleeting smiles and unintentional raised eyebrows!  Babies faces change so quickly and those expressions will only last a few weeks before they change too.  It's so precious to record them while they last.  

Of course there has to be attention for older siblings too.  Lottie got her time in the limelight with tickles from Mummy and Daddy and demonstrations of her favourite toys!  And the idea of capturing fleeting expressions isn't just confined to newborns.  Look at Lottie's sweet little tongue sticking out in concentration as she builds the train track.  Those kind of things are so ordinary and everyday when you have a young child that you forget they won't last forever.  My aim is always to photograph children in a way that reflects their personality.  I don't want you to have reams of 'photo smiles' in your albums.  The best pictures are the ones that prompt a memory of a particular time: "Oh, I remember when you used to do that face!  That was always when you were thinking hard about something!"

I put these two photos (above) together because they both show such pride!  A mother's pride in her new daughter and a little girl's pride in her new sister. (The former moment lasted slightly longer than the latter! Ha ha!)

And I had to end with this gem of a photo!  Lottie was opening the family post and there's something about this picture that just makes me laugh every time I see it!  I think it's the question in Lottie's eyes: "Mummy, Daddy, have you SEEN this offer from Costco?!"  Maybe it's my quirky sense of humour but photos like this make my day!

What a gorgeous family!  Like I said, check back in a few days for part two!

Girls, girls! 

Well, they run this family, at least!  What a pleasure it was to photograph this beautiful, fiery, thoughtful, loving bunch of ladies (and their wonderful parents!).  I was greeted with huge enthusiasm by Florence (the middle of the three) who was so full of positive, loving acclamations that I felt immediately welcomed!  I was given a guided tour of the garden, including the trampoline, the teepee, the vegetable patch... It was an action-packed morning! 


You'll be amazed to hear that Heather and Simon decided that three girls were just a little too easy for them, and have another baby on the way.  In fact, since this photoshoot, little Tom has been born and I'm sure is being fully absorbed into life with three older sisters.  

Good luck, Tom ;-) 


After getting to know the girls a bit and snapping some family photos (these ones are always the hardest to get, so I tend to start with the family ones), I had some time with each of the girls, getting portraits of them all individually.


But obviously if your big sister is having her photo taken, it's irresistible to get in on the act!  I love this one of Ellie and Florence sharing a joke together.


Serene Heather took all the crazy fun in her stride and appeared perpetually calm. Which will stand her in good stead with four children!


After a while, the girls needed some time to chill out, so while they recuperated with a snack and some sneaky TV watching, Simon and Heather had a rare moment to themselves (well, if you ignore the photographer lurking nearby!).   I think you'll agree, the photos are pretty sweet.  


I really loved my morning with this raucous family and can't wait to go back in a few months and photograph the new addition!  How will the girls be coping with A BOY in the house? (Sorry, Simon, I meant ANOTHER boy!)  Watch this space...

...but some things are better in monochrome.  Like newborn photography.  Granted, it's a personal preference, but there's something about a photo of a NEW newborn baby, in black and white, that captures the texture and softness of the baby's skin so perfectly.  Laurie was six days old when I took these photos and he's still got that downy, silky smooth skin.  You can almost smell the amazing, new baby smell on the top of his head!


To me, these intimate portraits of mum and new baby are something particularly special.  This woman has carried this little infant, dreamed about him, hoped and prayed for him, laboured for him...and now he's here.  I'm not a great wordsmith, but these photos tell a story of longing and exhaustion and LOVE.  Laurie's tiny hand, clutching his mum's pacifying little finger...  I can't get enough of these images.


And lest we forget...there's a dad involved too!  Look at this pair of photos above.  Ed's look of pride in each one - first for his remarkable wife, then for his miraculous boy.  Sorry if I'm overdoing the schmaltz, but I really do love these photos (had you noticed?!)!  It is a genuine pleasure and privilege to capture families at their most momentous, raw times.


While I was cooing over little Laurie, Nat slept peacefully.  But it wasn't too long before he wanted to join the family party.  Cuddles with Mummy were clearly first on the agenda, then checking up on his new little bro and finally a bit of music making.  He's got good priorities, this boy.


We had some fun with family photos in the flat and the garden.  Story time, tickling, spinning and throwing were all in order and the results are pretty great!  What a sweet family!


It was an absolute pleasure to meet you, Alex, Ed, Nat and Laurie.  Thanks for inviting me into your home to document Laurie's first, precious days!

I feel very fortunate to be asked to go into people's homes and take photos of them with their families.  It is not something I take lightly; I know asking someone into your home is a generous and hospitable thing to do and I really appreciate it.  One of the great things about this is that I get to see how others design their spaces.  As a total interiors addict, it's a great way to get real-life inspiration and I was blown away by Alice and John's fabulous, quirky flat, filled with carefully curated vintage items.  It provided a wonderful backdrop to the photoshoot and I love these soft, light-filled photos.  It's so wonderful to have pictures of a first family home.  I remember spending hours looking at childhood photos, full of half-remembered rooms and familiar objects in unfamiliar places.


You can already see the sweet, playful relationship that Alfie has with his parents!  In the local park, there was even more space for larking about, tickling and generally throwing Alfie about!  He was such a gorgeous, smiley boy, with a measure of cheekiness thrown in just to keep it interesting!


I can't think of a better way to spend such a beautiful, FUN summer day! Thanks for having me, Alice, John and Alfie!

There are few things that I think should be celebrated more than long, happy, laughter-filled marriages!  What amazing joy happy marriages bring, not just to the couple but to all the people around them.  But also, marriage can be really, blimmin' hard (speaking from experience. Sorry, my love, but it's true!).  So those people that manage to stick it out and still be enjoying it 10, 20, even 60 years down the line are my absolute heroes.  Yes, you did read that right.  SIXTY YEARS OF MARRIAGE!  Isn't that incredible!  I was so privileged to be part of a Diamond Wedding Anniversary celebration recently.  John and Judy had gathered together almost all of their family for a weekend knees up!

There were so many things about photographing this wonderful bunch that touched me, but the highlight of the day for me was when Judy leaned towards me conspiratorially and said, "You know, all of these people are here today as a direct result of the decision John and I made 60 years ago."  Now, that's quite something! Four generations, gathered together, as a result of a deceptively simple, "I do."

Of course, not all the youngest of the party appreciated the importance of documenting this momentous occasion.  I can't get enough of Toby's ridiculously cute bottom lip in the photo above!

If I were to sum up how this family celebrate, I would say, with an awful lot of laughter and even more cake!  There was so much cake!  Including a masterpiece made to look like John and Judy's house.  I was in awe!

And all the laughter...

Grandparents are the best, aren't they?!  After a story, they led the youngest members of the party outside for some fresh air and energetic fun!

When we all headed back inside, the house had been expertly decorated, ready for a delicious, family meal (although, how they could fit any more food in after all that cake is anyone's guess!).

It was time for me to slope off and leave them to their family celebrations, but not before I caught this sweet, quiet moment.  John and Judy just checking in with each other, cup of tea in hand.  And if that ain't the key to a long, happy marriage, I don't know what is!

Congratulations, John and Judy, on a wonderful marriage and a wonderful family!

It was a huge pleasure to revisit this wonderful family, who I first photographed when Clemmie was a few months old.  Now a very proud older sister, Clemmie was keen to introduce me to Freya, who is the same age as Clemmie was (are you still following me?!) in the first photos I took a few years ago.  She is also almost identical to Clemmie at the same age.  See if you can tell the difference in the photos below.  The top one is Freya now, the ones below...Well, your guess is as good as mine! 

These photos (above) were taken three years apart.  Can you tell the difference?  Me neither!

There's something particularly poignant about the same pose with a child as they grow up.  Showing the passage of time and remembering how they were while thinking about how they will change again in future years.  Hasn't Clemmie grown into the most gorgeous little girl?  Those curls. 

At the start of the photoshoot, Clemmie had some time with her parents before Freya woke up and made the most of being in front of the camera with amazing, cheeky smiles and cuddles with Mum and Dad!  We also made time for some bug-hunting in the garden. Obvs.

I think my two favourite photos of the morning are the ones below.  Doesn't the first one just sum up having a sibling?!  Mine!  Nope, too slow!  And Clemmie and Duncan having a 'fail' moment with an Ella's pouch is just priceless!

As you can see, Freya is a natural in front of the camera too, although definitely a bit less trusting of the stranger with the clicky box than her big sister!  She kept her serious face on for a lot of the time when looking at me!  But, fortunately that serious face is an absolute beaut.

Oh, I love this precious photo (below).  Clemmie was busy feeding Freya her snack and Freya just didn't take her eyes off her beloved big sis.  

Thanks for inviting me back, Sarah, Duncan, Clemmie and Freya!  Hopefully, I'll see you again in a few years time!

I first photographed these beautiful people 3 years ago, when Felix was just a baby (where the blazes did that time go, I ask you?!) and now he's a proper little gentleman with a delicious baby sister, Florence!  

We started our photoshoot giggling A LOT and Felix told me some excellent jokes!  

He was also a pro at cracking his little sister up and I got some beautiful, mixed shots of her looking serious and contemplative (mainly when looking at me!) and giggling madly whenever Felix came near!

When the children needed a bit of a change of scene, Alex suggested we put them in the bath!  Apparently, they both love bath time, and I'm so glad she suggested it as I really love these photos!

Aren't they amazing?!  Look at those beautiful smiles!

As anyone with small children knows, in order to keep them interested, activities have to be short and sweet, so it was out of the bath and reading a book with Mummy next.

Clothes on, family cuddle on the sofa and out into the garden after that.  No hanging about!

And, you know, if you're going to do family shots, have a bit of fun with them, eh?! (A tip from Felix's school of photography)

Baaa ha ha ha haaa!  That shot still makes me laugh every time I look at it!

Since Felix had a photoshoot all to himself all those years ago, we took some time to photograph Florence with her lovely, loving parents.

She is such a little treasure!  

Thanks for asking me to come back and take more photos of your frankly GORGEOUS children, Alex and Simon!  You guys are awesome!

AuthorRosie Wedderburn

I absolutely love revisiting families that I have met before and those clients that invite me back hold a very special place in my heart!  This amazing family asked me, a year ago, to come every three months and take photos of them and their daughter as she grows up.  What an incredible privilege, to document Julia-Marie's first year!  It was therefore with mixed emotions that I went to meet them for the final, 1 year photoshoot (a little delayed, due to various winter illnesses) on a brisk early Spring day.  I always look forward to a catch-up with them all and I love seeing how Julia-Marie has changed, but I also felt a hint of sadness that our year of regular photoshoots has come to an end! Look at how much this beautiful girl has changed...

3 months

3 months

6 months

6 months

9 months

9 months

1 year

1 year

She has become an unstoppable force and our 1 year photoshoot was like a High Intensity workout!  I couldn't keep up with Julia-Marie's high speed toddling and she seemed to know she was giving me the run-around, looking back over her shoulder with adorable, mischievous smiles whenever I was struggling to catch up!  What a cutie!

Sean and Athena were totally up for getting involved in some silly games - throwing leaves and playing hide-and-seek behind trees.  Our photoshoots have progressed over the year from quite quiet, calm mornings to very energetic events!   

One thing that hasn't changed at all (and that I've mentioned on previous blogs about this family. I'm a bit obsessed) is Julia-Marie's ridiculously enormous, brilliant blue eyes!  That girl is going to get away with ANYTHING!  

3 months

3 months

6 months

6 months

9 months

9 months

1 year

1 year

Julia-Marie is clearly adored by her very special parents and I have loved capturing those relationships.

Honestly, these guys rock!  Thank you, Sean, Athena and Julia-Marie, for putting up with me for a whole year!  I've absolutely loved it!

As soon as I arrived to take photos of this fabulous family a few weeks ago, Charlie (2 years old) led me into the playroom and showed me his diggers.  He explained (with impressively technical language) how they dig and take away the rubble before the building process begins.  I was pretty confident we were going to have a fun morning.  One look at that cheeky grin confirmed my prediction!

Having taken me through the technicalities of disposing of building rubbish, Charlie introduced me to his gorgeous little sister, Florence.

When I'm taking photos of children, I often ask parents to stand behind me and get their kids' attention.  Will did an amazing job of getting his two to laugh uproariously as he jumped about like a monkey behind me, and I also managed to capture the moment Charlie started shouting, "No, Daddy!  Stop!" while giggling uncontrollably!

After all that excitement, Charlie had had enough of photos for a bit so he took himself off to empty a few toy boxes.  Have a look at this photo below of Will and Florence, with Charlie busying himself in the background.  I love how this is a beautiful photo of a dad and his daughter, but also tells a real story of family life!

We took the opportunity to get some great photos of Florence, with her parents and on her own.  She's an absolute beauty, as you can see and was a total trooper, despite being a little bit coldy and teething.

I can't really handle those tear-drenched eyelashes.  Too adorable.

After swooning over Florence's enormous blue eyes and sweet smile for a bit, Laura, Florence and I snuck downstairs to see what Will and Charlie were doing.  Taking over the kitchen with a highly sophisticated train set construction.  Obviously.

A pause for some quiet reading and then we braved the British elements and went out in the rain.  Luckily, everyone was very positive and we actually had a lovely, refreshing (!) walk and got some great photos.

Us Brits don't let a bit of freezing, driving rain stop us! Thanks for being so hardy, Laura, Will, Charlie and Florence.  I really enjoyed our morning together!

It was a crisp morning when I met up with this lovely family in their local park.  We had to work fast as baby Reuben was due his nap soon and Jem was not one for staying in one place for any length of time (owing to the fact that he is a very normal, energetic 3 year old!).  We began with family shots and I told Jem I was pretty sure he couldn't make Reuben laugh.  He proved me wrong, as you can see!

I can never resist a good game of hide-and-seek, so on the way to the playground, while Reuben napped, Jem and Joanna hid and Ed sought them out!

After all that exercise (and in order to warm ourselves up!), we felt the time had come for a cosy hot chocolate back at their house.  Jem led the way and I got a great opportunity for some lovely photos of the adoring brothers.  How cute is this one (below)?!  I love Reuben's dreamy expression and Jem's proud little look. 

I almost can't bear this one (below)!  Look how much Reuben wants that hot chocolate! Ha ha!

Ed joined in for some boys' photos.  Then Jem wanted to blow raspberries on Daddy's face and I thought, 'Well, that will make a good photo.' Sorry, Ed!  But I was right, I love this shot!

We ended with some time for Reuben to shine.  The younger sibling so often plays second fiddle to the older one, so I'm really glad we found a quiet moment for Reuben to flash his charming smile!  What a great morning! Thanks for having me, Ed, Joanna, Jem and Reuben.  And thanks for my hot chocolate, too!


I have had the enormous privilege of taking photos of beautiful Julia-Marie every 3 months since she was just a tiny baby.  At our recent, 9 month photo shoot, it was amazing to see her crawling, playing, making hilarious faces and generally starting to learn about clowning around and making her parents laugh!

She is, as you can see, a wonderfully photogenic little lady, with those enormous blue eyes (you'll see who she gets them from in some of the photos a bit further down this post!) and cheeky smile.

I promise you, I didn't Photoshop those eyes, they really are that blue!

For those of you that read my blog regularly, you'll know that I'm a bit of a fan of (*ahem*, obsessed with) my bubble machine!  I have yet to meet a child (or adult, let's be honest) who isn't totally overjoyed by streams of bubbles!  Sean, Athena and Julia-Marie were no exception!  Some of my favourite photos are the ones that capture a funny or unexpected moment and I love this one (below) of a bubble just popping in front of Julia-Marie and her adorable reaction!

There were opportunities for some quieter moments too.  I love these two shots with her Mummy and Daddy where Julia-Marie cuddled up close.

As those of you who have children will know, 9 month old babies don't have a long attention span and Julia-Marie definitely started looking tired after all the antics in the garden.  We moved indoors for some portraits of her in her bedroom and some more family photos.  See if you can spot where she gets her eyes from (hint: you can't miss it!).

One of the (many) great things about working with the same family over a period of time is that you get to know their little family quirks.  Like the fact that Sean, Athena and Julia-Marie have a family 'face'!  I absolutely love this sort of detail and it's amazing how, if you don't record these things, they get forgotten.  So, I obviously had to get a photo of the whole family doing The Face (see below)!

That, for me, would be the one to frame and put up on the wall, but just in case they wanted something a bit more 'traditional', this one (below) of Julia-Marie enjoying kisses from her loving parents, is a corker too! 

I loved seeing this family again, and can't wait to catch up when Julia-Marie turns one! 

I absolutely loved taking pictures of this amazing family a few months ago, as they readied themselves for their newest arrival.... And now here he is!  Welcome to the world, baby Joshua!

His understandably proud parents were loving every minute of getting to know their new person and it was lovely to see the tender way they handled him and watched his every move.

Of course, life with a newborn is a bit different second time around and when Rose came home from nursery, it all got way more fun and noisy!

As you can see, Rose is as thrilled with her baby brother as her parents are!  All this activity tired little Joshua out, though, and he happily settled down for a nap as I crept out.

What a joy to revisit this wonderful family and meet baby Joshua!  Thanks for having me, Anna and Gareth!

AuthorRosie Wedderburn

Wow, it's been a busy few months and I've definitely been neglecting my website!  In part, this is due to many of my recent clients requesting that I don't post any of their photos on-line.  Whilst I am dying to share some of the images with you all, I totally respect people's right to stay in control of how much they share on-line, particularly where there are children involved.  So, for now, you will have to believe me when I tell you that there have been many wonderful photoshoots with gorgeous results over the last few months!

Happily, I have also taken some photos of beautiful people who have kindly allowed me to use the pictures on my website.  I was absolutely thrilled to revisit Anna, Gareth and Rose after the birth of baby Joshua.  Here they were just a week or so before Joshua was born (more images from this photoshoot can be found here):

And here is the very bonny baby Joshua and his thrilled family a few weeks later!  I will be writing a separate post, full of lots more photos from this shoot in the next few weeks, so keep an eye on the blog!

A few weeks ago, I made the most of the slightest hint of Spring weather and headed out to the park with this gorgeous family:

Again, more photos from this photoshoot will be on the website very soon.  Watch this space!

Finally, some news...

I am very excited to tell you all that my husband and I are expecting our second child, due at the end of May.  I still have a (VERY) few photoshoot slots available on Thursdays and Fridays over the next few weeks, so if you have been thinking about booking a shoot, get in touch as quickly as possible!  Otherwise, I hope to be back at work by the end of the year, but I will keep you up-to-date with more details when I know them!

When I was little, my wonderful parents organised an Easter egg hunt for me and my two brothers every Spring.  While my older brother and I would tear around collecting as much chocolate as we could possibly find before stuffing ourselves until we were sick, my younger (calmer!) brother would make his way around slowly, picking up each egg, examining it joyfully and declaring, "Lucky, lucky boy."  It's become something of a family saying, reminding us to appreciate fleeting moments and count all our blessings.  The reason I am recounting this story in the context of this newborn photoshoot is for two reasons.  Firstly, it was clear from the beginning that Luis's smitten parents could not believe their luck, having such a beautiful, perfect little boy arrive in their lives!  I think you can see in these photos their feelings of being overwhelmed by love and wonder!  And secondly, because Luis is being brought up trilingual (Spanish mum, German dad and London home) and if that doesn't make him a lucky, lucky boy, I don't know what does!

Luis was a perfect baby model, with an array of brilliant, often hilarious expressions!

Irene's mum was visiting, to help out with little Luis in his first few weeks.  As you can see, mum and grandmother were equally besotted with their new boy!

There's something about a naked newborn baby that is thoroughly irresistible.  All those little creases and folds and the unblemished softness of their skin.  And I love that little whorl of hair on the back of Luis's head in the photo below.  Adorable.

It's pretty unusual for any baby to get to the end of a photoshoot and not completely conk out!  Luis was out for the count by the time I left!  What a little cutie!

I've only recently got into Elton John (I know, talk about being late to the party!) but I'm absolutely loving getting to know his songs the way most people did 30 odd years ago!  One of my faves at the moment is 'Blue Eyes' and I couldn't stop humming it to myself as I edited these photos of the beautiful Julia-Marie. 

Just look at those eyes!  They are completely hypnotising!  Julia-Marie's mum, Athena, wanted mostly photos of her baby girl, so we focused mainly on Julia-Marie to begin with.

I absolutely love this photo (above) showing the close connection between mother and daughter.  The way that 3 month old Julia is mirroring her mum's head tilt is so sweet and touching!

Although Athena had asked me to focus mainly on photos of Julia-Marie, I couldn't resist getting a few mother daughter shots as well. And I'm so pleased with how they turned out.  Look at that amazing contrast in their eye colour!  Athena's deep brown compared to Julia-Marie's intense blue.  Stunning.

I absolutely loved photographing these two beautiful ladies and am really excited that Athena has asked me to come back in 3 months to do another shoot with the growing Julia-Marie!  See you in April!

If you were thinking of moving away from the area you live in now, what would you want to remember about your day-to-day life?  This was exactly the question that Anna and Gareth asked themselves.  Although their move isn't imminent (as you can see, they have a newborn baby to think about first!), Gareth's job means they may be posted anywhere in the world at short-ish notice.  So, they decided to get me involved to help them do a photographic journey through their local area and their favourite places.

We started off close to their home and then made our way towards their local church, where they go on Sundays and for children's groups during the week.  Rose was having a whale of a time, spinning around lamposts and riding on her buggy backwards!

After that, we made our way to Finsbury Park, where you can reliably find at least one child at any given time waiting for trains to wave at as they pass underneath the bridge.  I'm happy to say that they are often rewarded with a wave from the driver and the sound of the train's horn!  There were some very serious faces from Rose and Gareth as they watched in anticipation!

The park has a brilliant playground, so we spent some time there before heading off to play hide and seek and climb some trees!

We even found a quieter moment to squeeze in some maternity shots and a few of Anna and Gareth together.  Although, I had to be quick with the latter as Rose was pretty cold by then and not happy that Mummy and Daddy were getting a cuddle without her!

Fortunately for Rose (and me!  My fingers were pretty frosty by now!), the last place on Anna and Gareth's journey around their favourite Finsbury Park spots was a fantastic, warm cafe!  I love this photo of Rose drinking her babycino so eagerly that she has got chocolate eyebrows! 

I'm absolutely thrilled to say that baby Joshua arrived last week, weighing in at a bruising 10 pounds, 7 ounces!  Ouch.  Huge congratulations, Anna, Gareth and Rose!  What exciting times there are ahead for your family.

I could not have been more excited when my friends, Megan and Rhys, said they were getting married.  This perfect couple fell in love at university, although they seemed to be the only people who didn't realise this from the start!  I met them at a party in their first year and it was explained to me (years before they 'officially' got together) that they were totally in love with each other but just hadn't worked that out yet!  I was extremely touched when they asked me to take photos of Megan and her bridesmaids getting ready on the morning of the wedding.  It's such a special time, the preparation before the ceremony and it was a real privilege to be a witness to it.

The day began with Meg's bridesmaids (in the photos above, her two sisters) getting their hair done while Meg provided the tea and conversation.  Megan's dad rigged up a serious lighting system for the hairdresser, Angie.  He's a very well-respected photographer (so no pressure on me...eek!) with no shortage of humungous lights!

The Welsh weather inevitably wasn't PERFECT (ha ha!) but the gale force winds and torrential rain provided some lovely, moody photo opportunities and the sun did decide to make an appearance as the wedding began.

Meg wrote her speech (which was superb and had me and the rest of the wedding party in floods of tears!) while preparations went on all around her.  She had an air of calm certainty throughout the morning.  Rhys was clearly on her mind and she couldn't wait to marry him!

The arrival of the flowers and the dress were cause for much excitement and both were absolutely stunning.

The bride and the mother-of-the-bride were the last to get their hair and make-up done.  They are both totally naturally stunning, as you can see.

Hair and make-up done.  All that was left was for Megan to step into her fabulous dress, pin a button-hole onto her incredibly proud father and head towards her wedding.  It was an amazing morning, full of love and joy and the wedding was spectacular.  Fortunately for me, I was off-duty from then on and could enjoy every minute of the proceedings.  The unbelievably talented Seth Baines took the photos of the actual wedding. 

Thank you, Meg, for inviting me to be part of your ridiculously brilliant wedding day!  

It's always really fun to turn up at a photoshoot and be greeted with loads of creative ideas about how photos could be taken and what poses / outfits we could try.  Tazeen and Az clearly have specific aspirations for three-month-old Layth, and they dressed him up accordingly!

Tazeen is a doctor and obviously hopes her son will follow in her impressive footsteps, whereas Az has a slightly more ambitious idea: that Layth might join the Pakistani cricket team!  Either way, it's impossible to deny that he looks exceptionally cute!

I took some more conventional shots of little Layth as well.  He was very serious but made excellent eye contact with the camera and, when he did break into a grin, it was heart-melting!

His proud parents were pretty fabulous-looking too.  No wonder they produced such a gorgeous boy!

This little family are blessed with that rare commodity in central London - outside space.  They have an amazing, hidden gem of a shared roof terrace, so we headed up and out for some more family pictures.

I love the glimpses of the London skyline in the background of these photos.  Tazeen and Az mentioned that they won't live in central London forever, but these pictures will serve as an excellent reminder of their time in this incredible capital city and Layth's first few months.

I have a confession: I've always harboured a secret desire to have twin babies.  Obviously, they would be friends for life, keep each other occupied and have an amazing but inexplicable telepathic connection (anyone else read too much Sweet Valley High in their misspent youth?!).  I have now realised that actually HAVING twins is a little different to my romantic / easy / rose-tinted version and that there are probably a number of twin parents out there right now grinding their teeth in exasperation at my stupidity!  Nonetheless, there seem to be some mums who take twins in their stride and the beautiful Zahida is definitely one of them.  She seemed to be completely unfazed by the myriad demands of her two boys when I photographed them a few weeks ago.

Her two babies, Kian and Zain, were the perfect subjects, grinning constantly whenever the camera came near and generally just being totally adorable.

It's obviously crucial, during a twin photoshoot, to get some shots of the two babies together and Kian and Zain were very obliging.  They linked hands, did mirror image positions and got themselves into comedy poses without the slightest hesitation!   

Aren't they just the best little models?!  When dad, Keith, came home, we got some lovely shots of him and the boys and some family images too.

And after all that posing, what better way to finish a photoshoot than a sleepy pile-up on mum?!

I can't tell you how much I am enjoying cooing over newborn babies at the moment.  Since I spend most of my time racing around after a lively toddler, it's absolute bliss being able to photograph delicious, tiny little people who don't move all that much.  Even better, when they cry, I can hand them back to their brilliant parents and go and have a cup of tea!  Little Darcey was only a week old when I took these photos and she was an absolute angel when I needed some peaceful, sleeping poses.  Here she is looking utterly peaceful and adorable.

She even managed a sweet little sleepy smile at exactly the right moment.  I just don't believe those naysayers who claim newborn babies don't smile.  Look!  She's definitely having a funny dream!

Tiny Darcey was very obliging when I moved her around on the bed and had a lovely cuddle with Mummy while still fast asleep.

But then, dear readers, I made the crucial error of asking Stephanie to pick Darcey up for some photos with her and David.  Initially, this went very well, with Darcey doing some dreamy stretching and yawning, which made for some excellent photos (see below). But then - and this is where that old maxim, 'Never wake a sleeping baby' should be heeded - she realised she was hungry.  Newborn hungry.  There is nothing that will stand in the way of a newborn baby and her milk (quite rightly), not least a mere photoshoot.  I made my way sheepishly downstairs while Stephanie fed her ravenous baby!

Fortunately, it didn't take long for Darcey to bounce back, with a very full stomach!  Her grandparents were ready to take over at this point. And when I say 'ready', I mean 'could not WAIT' to take over and have a cuddle with her!

Once David and Stephanie managed to persuade her adoring grandparents to give their daughter back, we got some great family shots too!

Stephanie, David and Darcey, thanks for inviting me to come and take photos.  I had a lovely morning and so enjoyed meeting you all!

AuthorRosie Wedderburn