After a family photo session mums often tell me that  it's  a novelty  to be part of the picture. Some women  have simply fallen into the role of being the 'family photographer'  and the camera is rarely turned on them.   Others feel so uncomfortable in their post pregnancy body that they go out of their way to avoid being photographed.

Either way,  when they look back through their hundreds, even thousands, of baby and family photos and realise just how few feature them, it's something they regret.

These mums were there by their child's side, having fun on holidays, being entertaining on birthdays, and bringing the magic to Christmas, but their family photo album tells a different story.

For me, photographs don’t just record the moment. I passionately believe that they capture relationships and special bonds. They make memories for you and your children. They are an important part of family history, but if mum is missing that history is incomplete.

I know how pictures with my mother conjure up lots  of happy childhood memories and I want my children to experience that too.

Me and my mum when I was just a few weeks old.
On holiday in South Africa with mum.

So, if you are a mum who has been sitting on the sidelines I urge you to step into the frame, not look back and wish you had.

Yes it does take a LOT of courage to put yourself in the spotlight when you don't feel like you. But you may be surprised and even find that you are happy with what you see. Because being able to fit into your pre-baby wardrobe isn't what makes you beautiful, being a mum is.


AuthorRosie Wedderburn