It's always a real joy to spend time with expectant mothers (all that excitement and anticipation!) and my afternoon with Sophie this week was no exception.  She and her husband are awaiting the arrival of their first child in a few months and she seems brilliantly unflustered by the whole idea.  She does have plenty of good advice and hand-me-downs in the form of two sisters with children, so the lucky baby will have plenty of cousins to entertain him or her on arrival.


It was a bright but chilly day so we stayed inside her beautiful home, ate cheesecake and swapped pregnancy stories.  Sophie has a wicked sense of humour, which you can see in the photos of her giggling!


She has such a perfect bump, I couldn't miss an opportunity to really show it off with some profile shots.  I love Sophie's laid back approach to pregnancy and imminent parenthood.  If I ever get around to having another baby, I will use her as my muse!

AuthorRosie Wedderburn