Today's Friday's favourite was taken at a dedication service for the beautiful baby Lucia.  The service was a way of giving thanks for her safe arrival in the world and the party afterwards was a great excuse for a huge celebration!  Lucia's mother, Alexa, is from a Cuban background and knows how to throw a good party!  There were many guests, free-flowing wine and excellent food.  Lucia was absolutely in her element (clearly she's inherited her mum's love of socialising) and was passed around for most of the afternoon and into the evening.  This was a rare moment when Alexa managed to get a cuddle in with her gorgeous girl and I think even though the photo is a close-up, there's still a real sense of the party going on around the two of them:  Alexa's flushed cheeks, Lucia's bow, a glimpse of red balloons and guests in the background... I was so pleased that I managed to capture the amazing atmosphere and energy of the day as well as an affectionate moment between Lucia and her very proud mum!