Amy was the lucky winner of my #mumsintheframe selfie competition and it was lovely to meet her and 11 week old Henry for their FREE photoshoot last week.  Henry was practically a professional, looking directly at the camera throughout the shoot, giggling winningly and generally being the perfect subject. 


Unfortunately the weather was miserable, with driving rain and freezing winds, so we abandoned the idea of going to the local park and stayed inside Amy's lovely, cosy house.  It was even cosy enough to take off some of Henry's layers and get a few photos of those gorgeous, soft rolls of skin that little babies have.  So deliciously squidgy!  

There were some more serious moments (I love Henry's thoughtful, inquisitive expression in the photo below left), but in general we just had a lot of fun!

Congratulations, Amy, on winning a free photoshoot!


Are you wishing you'd entered?!  Keep a beady eye on my blog, Facebook page ( and Twitter feed (@RosieWphoto) for upcoming competitions and special offers.  Professional photos make great Christmas presents...!

AuthorRosie Wedderburn