Peekaboo is one of those fail-safe games that all babies and young children seem to find totally thrilling!  When Benjy crawled under the table at a party in the summer, it was impossible to resist a bit of peekaboo.  He, of course, thought it was totally hilarious and I was dying to capture that adorable amusement, but it was quite challenging as there was very little light under the table.  Using a flash would have over-exposed the foreground and increased the contrast between Benjy and his peekaboo counterpart so I quickly ramped up my shutter speed and ISO and dialled down the f/stop and got this corker of a photo.  Hasn't he got the cutest dimpled smile?!  

For the sharp-eyed amongst you, you may recognise Benjy from this recent Christmas photoshoot.  His mum is VERY organised!