I think I have an unhealthy obsession with babies' hands and feet!  They're just so irresistibly soft and new and so TINY.  It's surprisingly difficult to get a good photograph of baby feet for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, they're often a slightly odd colour, a bright red or purpley sort of hue.  Secondly, newborns move almost constantly when they're awake - snuffling, squirming, wriggling their little fingers and toes and generally trying to work out where their lovely warm cocoon has gone.  This makes it difficult to get both hands or both feet together, from an angle which gives a sense of the tiny scale of them.  That's why I've chosen this photo of Harry's gorgeous toes for today's Friday's favourite.  You can see the texture of the skin and those impossibly miniature toe nails and I also love the way he's got them in a heart-shaped position.  Who knew feet could be so adorable?!