The brief for this photoshoot was to get a photo of five cousins all together and some nice individual or paired shots.  Seems easy, right?  But it came with the caveat that at least three out of the five were very reluctant 'models' and would be highly likely to run a mile as soon as the camera appeared!  I got my thinking cap on and decided that a group activity was probably the way to go, so we made the most of the glorious Indian summer and headed down to a local allotment.  We dug the earth, looked for bugs, measured ourselves against sunflowers, pretended to be monsters and smelt herbs and flowers.  And all the while I was surreptitiously snapping away.  

I love the long autumnal light we are getting at the moment and one of my favourite shots is this one of Archie 'being a monster' framed by the low morning sun.

Playing peek-a-boo behind the flowers and getting really muddy were the favoured activities and these photos of all the cousins are for the photo album, I think.

I really enjoyed my morning with these gorgeous children.  I always think cousins have a really special relationship, with close family ties but without the angst of sibling drama!  These five obviously loved hanging out together and I think it shows in the photos how much they care about one another.  Thanks for letting me come and play!