Wow, it's been a crazy busy week!  Three photoshoots, a guest blog and Christmas orders starting to come in...  This Friday's favourite is doubling up as a sneak peek at one of this week's shoots (more photos to come next week).  It really felt like the festive season was approaching when I went to Ruth's house to take pictures of her and beautiful little Aya.  They have a gorgeous old fireplace which served as an excellent place to hang fairy lights and stockings (OK, a little early, but I feel like Father Christmas appreciates a bit of keenness) and we also put a lovely, colourful Menorah on the right as a nod to Ruth and Aya's Jewish heritage.  Then we hunkered down, lit some candles, read some books and had a peaceful, wintery time.   This photo sums up the afternoon perfectly, with a warm cosy feel inside but a sense of the darkening skies and dropping temperatures outside.  I've been in denial about December's approach, but after this photoshoot with Ruth and Aya I'm now really excited about Christmas!