The big reveal of the third photoshoot from last week!  I loved doing this shoot of Max and Bella having fun in their garden on a crisp, autumnal day.  When we initially went outside, I think they felt a bit awkward and wondered how to 'pose' properly for photos but then we had a discussion about what they normally do when they play in the garden together and they were off!  Stick fighting, tree climbing, imaginative play, hide and seek, running races, tag...You name it, they play it!

What really struck me was how well this brother and sister get on.  I'm sure they have their moments, but their chasing, swinging, racing antics were all done with a complete joy in one another's company.  

Turns out the two of them are complete jokers too, with an excellent line in slapstick comedy (see below for evidence)!

Max and Bella were both incredibly photogenic and in stiller, quieter moments (there weren't many!) I managed to get some lovely portraits of them individually and as a pair.  Aren't they beauts?!

I don't think I've ever laughed so much on a photoshoot as I did with these two!  I'm glad the photos capture that raucous merriment and the autumn colours provide a fabulous backdrop for a fabulous afternoon!