My Friday's favourites have had a bit of a story-telling theme recently and this one is no different. I love the way babies and children often do very readable, adult expressions which us grown-ups tend to disguise or switch off when we are having our photos taken.  In this photo, Kezia (the brunette) is playing the innocent card with a doe-eyed, 'I didn't do it' expression, while Margot (the blonde) looks on accusingly.  Just from this one image you can tell Kezia has done something naughty and Margot is APPALLED!  Fortunately, the moment just prior to this one also got captured on camera...!

Busted, Kezia!

Now, go back to the first photo and note again that big-eyed look at the camera, appealing to me to believe her innocence!  Pure, brilliant drama in two photos.  I love my job!

AuthorRosie Wedderburn