It is always a privilege being asked to photograph any family, but it's particularly enjoyable when it's a second photoshoot and I get to revisit and coo over how the children have grown and changed!  I first photographed the delicious Harry and Leo back in the summer when they were just a few weeks old (see that photoshoot here).  Now they are over 6 months old, sitting up, wriggling about and causing a bit more mayhem than they were last time I saw them!  

Harry (on the left) is still very much the cheeky chappy, with a permanent mischievous glint in his eye.  Leo is much more contemplative and spends a lot of time taking everything in and working the world out. 

Eat your heart out, Tony Blair. This is what a family Christmas card should look like!  (If you haven't seen Tony's Christmas card, please Google it now.  It will make you laugh until 2015!)  How irresistible are those boys?  The little sincere expressions, the Christmas jumpers...*sigh*.  Oh, and their parents are pretty gorgeous too!

I think Harry might have just seen Father Christmas in this photo!

Despite being very definitely non-identical, both the twins have fabulous, enormous blue eyes, which I am certain they will learn to employ to great effect to get whatever they want, whenever they want it!  Impossible to resist.

Georgie and Dom wanted a mix of images so we did some less seasonal shots upstairs in their bedroom.  The change of scene gave Harry and Leo a new lease of life and Leo giggling at his most adored daddy was incredibly endearing.

It was such a treat to go back and see this serene, joyful family.  Georgie and Dom are clearly the most wonderful parents and the boys are so content and well-loved.  Their personalities are completely different, even at this young age, but they have so much fun together.  Thanks for having me again, guys!