A little quiz for you, my lovely readers:

1. What season is it? 

a) Winter     b) Summer    c) Spring   d) Autumn

Answer: Most definitely, a)

2. What is the weather like outside?

a) Beautiful and sunny     b) Jeans and t-shirt weather    c) Freezing and miserable    d) Balmy

Answer: Sadly, c)

3. What is the best thing to do when it's mid-December and freezing cold?

a) Go for a walk in the rain                                      b) Do an outdoor photoshoot without shoes     

c) Drink hot chocolate in a steamy cafe               d) Sunbathe

Answer: Obviously c) Oh no, I mean b). Hmmm, and possibly a) too.

This intrepid foursome and their gorgeous mum trekked across Finsbury Park in the rain to meet me at the Parkland Walk.  Although the Parkland Walk is my favourite place in the whole of North London, walking across the whole of North London to get there could possibly take some of the magic out of it.  But not for this lot! They arrived with three pairs of shoes between the four children and more enthusiasm than most people muster for a sunny picnic.   

Just look at Poppy's beautiful smile!  Seren, the eldest, was straight up a tree and peeking out between the branches, making her siblings giggle with delight.  And since autumn (can we pretend it's still autumn, please?!) is all about leaf throwing, Seren got involved in that too, although Myla was perhaps less excited at the prospect (see her wonderful non-plussed expression below!).

In order to keep warm we ran races (although with shoe-swapping, only two could run at any one time!), and there was an extremely touching, spontaneous moment when the two older girls gathered around their beloved mummy and baby brother for a warmth-giving hug!

After an hour, it got too cold even for this fabulous family (OK, I admit it.  It was me that was too cold) so we went and got a hot chocolate in a steamy cafe.  Which is pretty much the ideal way to end a photoshoot.


So the answer to question 3 was c) after all!