Before I get into this post, I just want to reassure you all that I don't have some unrealistic, idealised idea of how sibling relationships work. I have brothers. I know what it's like when you wish they would just disappear FOREVER (foot stamping rage included).  But I also know what it's like when those same brothers offer an unexpected word of love or encouragement, an unrequested cuddle or are there to share a peaceful moment.  For parents, I have a feeling that those little oases in the midst of more, um, 'turbulent' sibling behaviour, must be heavenly. How's this photo for capturing that moment of calm and tenderness between two brothers?  Fortunately, these two get on well most of the time, but this was a totally unprompted kiss from a big brother to a little one, a spontaneous display of love which I almost missed but I'm so glad I snapped just in time.