There's something very touching about dad and baby photos.  They always have a different quality to mum and baby ones, which tend to be more tender and peaceful.  I don't want to be clichéd, I know that mums have a blast with their little ones, but dads are, on the whole, a bit more physical and playful during photoshoots.  Chris wanted some photos of him and Joshua in the square where they live.  It's a place that is very community focused and Joshua will grow up with that as part of his day-to-day landscape so it was a special backdrop for the shoot.  We were joking about doing a 'Lion King' style photo, with the baby Prince Simba held up to meet his animal subjects ("It's the ciiiiiiiiiiircle of liiiiiiife..."!) and then Chris spontaneously put Joshua on his head.  I love the way this photo captures Joshua with a very regal expression as he surveys his kingdom and Chris looking a bit cheeky!  A fun and playful moment between a new dad and his son.