Bubbles are amazing, aren't they?  I always have bubbles with me on a photoshoot and they never fail to entertain babies, children and their parents!  When you are taking photos of more than one child, they're not always 'photo-ready' at the same time.  During this photoshoot, Ava, the older sister, was fantastic for the first hour but then announced that she didn't want her photo taken any more.  That seemed fair enough, but it happened to be just at that moment that Freya was waking up from her nap and ready for her close-up.  Hmmmm, a tricky one, but the answer (in my book) is pretty much always bubbles!  We played some games together with the camera away for a while, then when Ava was feeling more relaxed, out came the bubbles and the camera and I got some beautiful shots of the two sisters playing together.  A big part of my job is just enjoying the company of children and being sensitive to what they want.  You're never going to get natural shots if you are telling a kid what to do without listening to them.  Luckily, I love hanging out with little ones and bubbles make me happy too!  I'm clearly in the perfect profession.