I am SOOOO excited to be announcing my new year competition!  I have, up until now, done a number of maternity shoots that involve couples and a smattering of engagement shoots, but what if you're not pregnant and not getting married but still want amazing pictures of you and your partner?  Well, look no further!  I am launching a 'Love is Enough' photoshoot!  That means you don't need to have a (serious voice) 'Very Good Reason' (end serious voice) to organise a photoshoot for you and your best beloved.  You can just feel like recording this amazing, in-love moment in your life.  'Love is Enough'.  All you need is to be in love with someone and want to capture a wonderful, beautiful time in your relationship.

And, because it's almost Valentine's Day and I'm feeling all loved up and excited, I am GIVING AWAY, FOR FREE, one couple photoshoot! And (as if that's not enough!), three HALF PRICE couple's photoshoots as well!  Normally priced at £150, that's only £75!  I cannot use the caps-lock / exclamation mark combo enough today!

To enter, email / Facebook / Tweet me with a #RWPloveisenough hashtag.   The closing date is Friday 23rd January.  (For full terms and conditions, see my Competitions and Special Offers page.)

The photo below is of my wonderful Mum and Dad, who have been married for 36 years!  'Love is Enough' indeed.