I am incredibly fortunate to have many extremely talented friends and I am blessed by their considerable skills on a regular basis.  My wedding cake, my daughter's baby blanket, recipes, paintings, sloe gin supplies... the list of wonderful, home-made gifts I have received from friends is long and treasured.  So when my friend Laura suggested that she would help me decorate my flat with her beautiful crocheted snowflakes in exchange for a photoshoot, I jumped at the chance.  As my one-year-old is a keen climber without the requisite risk management skills, we opted to go without a Christmas tree this year, but didn't our flat look suitably Christmassy and jolly nonetheless?!

You'll see Laura's fabulous snowflakes strung below the mantelpiece and on the mirror above.  

The photoshoot was duly arranged in exchange for the huge amount of work Laura put into the snowflakes and everything seemed to be going swimmingly until the moment I got my camera out and Elliot (also an enthusiastic climber of a one-year-old) fell and split his lip open.  Fortunately, he's so gorgeous it didn't matter at all and after a bit of ice and many cuddles, we were ready to crack on with the photos.  

You can see the look of mischief in Elliot's eyes...and the people he inherits that mischievous sparkle from!  A split lip ain't gonna spoil his fun, that's for sure!  He had mummy and daddy building towers, playing with Duplo and reading him books and he enjoyed every minute!

After we had played with all Elliot's indoor toys, the sun came out and we decided it would be an opportune moment to head to the park.  As you can see (below), Elliot was very happy with that decision!


I was under strict instructions from Laura and Dave that I had to get a family photo that could be used as Christmas presents with everyone smiling and everyone looking at the camera.  Easy, right?!  It took a few attempts, but I'm pretty sure these photos will be perfect framed on family walls! And, just to be difficult, I actually love the ones where not everyone is looking! 

Bingo!  All eyes on me!  Thanks for the snowflakes, Laura.  I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I will enjoy my future Christmas preparations!