I have a confession: I've always harboured a secret desire to have twin babies.  Obviously, they would be friends for life, keep each other occupied and have an amazing but inexplicable telepathic connection (anyone else read too much Sweet Valley High in their misspent youth?!).  I have now realised that actually HAVING twins is a little different to my romantic / easy / rose-tinted version and that there are probably a number of twin parents out there right now grinding their teeth in exasperation at my stupidity!  Nonetheless, there seem to be some mums who take twins in their stride and the beautiful Zahida is definitely one of them.  She seemed to be completely unfazed by the myriad demands of her two boys when I photographed them a few weeks ago.

Her two babies, Kian and Zain, were the perfect subjects, grinning constantly whenever the camera came near and generally just being totally adorable.

It's obviously crucial, during a twin photoshoot, to get some shots of the two babies together and Kian and Zain were very obliging.  They linked hands, did mirror image positions and got themselves into comedy poses without the slightest hesitation!   

Aren't they just the best little models?!  When dad, Keith, came home, we got some lovely shots of him and the boys and some family images too.

And after all that posing, what better way to finish a photoshoot than a sleepy pile-up on mum?!