It's always really fun to turn up at a photoshoot and be greeted with loads of creative ideas about how photos could be taken and what poses / outfits we could try.  Tazeen and Az clearly have specific aspirations for three-month-old Layth, and they dressed him up accordingly!

Tazeen is a doctor and obviously hopes her son will follow in her impressive footsteps, whereas Az has a slightly more ambitious idea: that Layth might join the Pakistani cricket team!  Either way, it's impossible to deny that he looks exceptionally cute!

I took some more conventional shots of little Layth as well.  He was very serious but made excellent eye contact with the camera and, when he did break into a grin, it was heart-melting!

His proud parents were pretty fabulous-looking too.  No wonder they produced such a gorgeous boy!

This little family are blessed with that rare commodity in central London - outside space.  They have an amazing, hidden gem of a shared roof terrace, so we headed up and out for some more family pictures.

I love the glimpses of the London skyline in the background of these photos.  Tazeen and Az mentioned that they won't live in central London forever, but these pictures will serve as an excellent reminder of their time in this incredible capital city and Layth's first few months.