I could not have been more excited when my friends, Megan and Rhys, said they were getting married.  This perfect couple fell in love at university, although they seemed to be the only people who didn't realise this from the start!  I met them at a party in their first year and it was explained to me (years before they 'officially' got together) that they were totally in love with each other but just hadn't worked that out yet!  I was extremely touched when they asked me to take photos of Megan and her bridesmaids getting ready on the morning of the wedding.  It's such a special time, the preparation before the ceremony and it was a real privilege to be a witness to it.

The day began with Meg's bridesmaids (in the photos above, her two sisters) getting their hair done while Meg provided the tea and conversation.  Megan's dad rigged up a serious lighting system for the hairdresser, Angie.  He's a very well-respected photographer (so no pressure on me...eek!) with no shortage of humungous lights!

The Welsh weather inevitably wasn't PERFECT (ha ha!) but the gale force winds and torrential rain provided some lovely, moody photo opportunities and the sun did decide to make an appearance as the wedding began.

Meg wrote her speech (which was superb and had me and the rest of the wedding party in floods of tears!) while preparations went on all around her.  She had an air of calm certainty throughout the morning.  Rhys was clearly on her mind and she couldn't wait to marry him!

The arrival of the flowers and the dress were cause for much excitement and both were absolutely stunning.

The bride and the mother-of-the-bride were the last to get their hair and make-up done.  They are both totally naturally stunning, as you can see.

Hair and make-up done.  All that was left was for Megan to step into her fabulous dress, pin a button-hole onto her incredibly proud father and head towards her wedding.  It was an amazing morning, full of love and joy and the wedding was spectacular.  Fortunately for me, I was off-duty from then on and could enjoy every minute of the proceedings.  The unbelievably talented Seth Baines took the photos of the actual wedding. 

Thank you, Meg, for inviting me to be part of your ridiculously brilliant wedding day!