It was a truly beautiful, wintery day yesterday.  Crisp, blue skies and that long, filtered light that makes this time of year magical (when it's not pouring with rain!).  My daughter and I were cosied up at home in the afternoon, playing hide and seek.  She appeared around the door (she hasn't quite mastered the concept of staying hidden yet!), the soft light catching the top of her head and I couldn't resist taking a few snaps.  An excellent practice model!

In this image (above), she had switched to playing Peek-a-boo and we were both giggling so much that I couldn't get a pin-sharp shot, but I actually quite like the movement of this one.  It feels spontaneous and playful.

I love the way the long, low light highlights her beautiful curls and gives a soft frame to her face.  It was just a quick, impromptu bit of snapping, but I'm really pleased with how these photos turned out.

AuthorRosie Wedderburn