One of the things I pride myself on is being able to get good photos out of even the most reluctant subjects.  Many a photo shoot has started with, "He just hates having his photo taken," or, "She won't ever look at the camera without making a silly face."  Being a family photographer isn't just about being able to take photographs, it's also about putting people at ease, engaging with children and enjoying their company.  I have hundreds of tactics for getting good photos.  

Sometimes, however, I don't need any tricks up my sleeve.  

Last weekend, I had a lovely morning with this fantastic family and I have to say my job was easy! They were all incredibly photogenic.  Izzy (the two year old) seemed always to be looking in the right direction.  Lily (5 months) just smiled beautifully every time the camera pointed anywhere near her.  Oh, and parents, Jojo and Bill weren't too shabby either! 

 Look at Jojo and the girls' fabulous matching blue eyes in the photos below!

We started in the park, where Izzy had a wonderful time jumping in puddles.  I literally couldn't get a bad shot of her, she was just having a whale of a time!

We also had fun setting up some family poses.  I love this one of Izzy weaving in between Jojo's legs!

Obviously, you can't go to the park without a trip to the playground and it was very sweet seeing the two girls snuggled up on one swing.  Izzy then had a bit of time on her own swing ("I've given Lily a hug, can I go on my own now, Mummy?"!), high-fiving Daddy and being pushed by Mummy.

It was starting to get a bit drizzly, so we decided at this point to head back to their house and have a warming cup of tea.  Lily fell asleep on the way back, so I spent some time with Izzy, chatting, eating snacks and snapping away.  See what I mean about not being able to get a bad picture of her?!

I also couldn't resist this adorable little dreamy smile from a sleeping Lily...

Fortunately, Lily didn't stay asleep for much longer, so I got this gorgeous shot of Izzy reading to her little sister.


We even managed to sneak in a moment for Jojo and Bill to have a few photos together.  Like I said, the most photogenic family EVER!

Thanks for letting me join in all the fun, Bill, Jojo, Izzy and Lily!  I had a great morning!