Spring is absolutely, hands down, no contest my favourite season.  I still haven't got used to the surprise of it, even after 32 years of being witness to its amazing, regenerative powers.  Flowers grow again!  Out of nothing!  Dead trees start growing leaves! Who would have thought it?! 

As a celebration of all things Spring, I'm offering all early birds the opportunity to get 30% off a Spring photoshoot, PLUS two free 12"x8" prints of their favourite photos from the shoot.  All you have to do is book your photoshoot before March 6th.  That's any photoshoots in March, May or June (I'm away in April) that are booked before March 6th get this amazing deal!

Yesterday, I was walking in Finsbury Park and saw these little treasures.  Spring is coming!  Hurrah! (Now book your photoshoot, quick!)