I could not have been more thrilled when my old friends Paul and Danielle asked me to come to Paris and take some photos of them and their, frankly, model-esque family.  I mean, who would say no to such a glorious offer?!  And glorious it was!  The sun shone all weekend and we had the most fantastic time, playing with the kids, reminiscing about life pre-babies, cycling along canals and brunching along with the fashionistas at Merci (it was Paris Fashion Week and Merci is the place to see and be seen!)

On Sunday, we took the children to a local playground and on the way, got some family shots.  It's basically impossible to take a bad photo with a Parisian street as your backdrop and a family as beautiful as this, so I snapped away, smugly knowing that I could take all the credit!

As regular readers will know, I love pictures that tell a story, and I think this little sequence is a wonderful illustration of how the family interacts and how much they enjoy each other's company. Don't get me wrong, there are two toddlers, a baby and two hard-working parents in one household. Tempers sometimes fray!  But in general, these kids get on so well and are such a sweet, content little unit. Oh, and they also happen to be exceptionally gorgeous (see below for proof, if you need it)!

We finally made it to the playground, although I think Danielle might have had even more fun on the slide than the kids did...!

On the way back, Paul went ahead to get the lunch sorted and Danielle and I wended our way home more slowly, discussing exceptionally deep and important matters (ahem, *gossiping*).  Luckily, this gave us the opportunity to take some more photos in their local area and I think these are some of my favourites from the whole day.

For those of you wondering.  Yes, that is, indeed, Spiderman hands (left).  

Just time to catch up with Paul back at their apartment and have a last family photo and then a delicious Sunday roast.  I was having so much fun I sort of forgot I was 'working'!  I'm already planning my next trip!