I know, I know, there's nothing worse than being shown someone's smug holiday snaps. But I'm hoping that these photos will serve as an explanation for why I have been so out of touch for the last few weeks and an apology to those who got in touch and wondered why my reply took so long!  

That's not a cheap backdrop behind me and my daughter, it's the real Sydney Opera House, although we're obviously too busy playing, 'Where's mummy's nose?' to notice!

We also went on a little two week jaunt to New Zealand's South Island, where we saw just your average scenery.  Like this. 

I think I wore out the phrase, "Oh my goodness, that's just...incredible."  But, honestly, it was...ummm...just incredible!  So if you were one of the lovely people that has tried to organise a photoshoot in the last month, I'm very sorry for my slow replies to emails / texts / phone calls.  I'm now back and ready for anything, even an incredibly busy week with stubborn jet lag.  Eek!

Before I go, here's my favourite photo of the whole holiday.  My handsome husband (who will kill me for posting a photo of him here.  Oops!) and sleeping baby.  On a beach.  Sun setting. Warm sand.  Bliss. *Sigh*.  OK, now back to work, Rosie.