I took a trip down to Barnes last week (for my non-London readers, if you're a North Londoner, going South of the river, *gasp*, feels very daring!) to meet this beautiful new mum, Sarah, and her 6 month old daughter, Clemmie.

Clemmie is the sweetest baby!  She looks like a little doll, full of smiles and gorgeous, twinkly expressions.  She's just learnt to blow bubbles so the delicious, chubby-cheeked giggles were interspersed with some brilliantly rude noises!


It was a warm, Spring day and we spent most of the morning in the garden, blowing bubbles, singing 'Row your boat' and relaxing while Clemmie's  beloved dad had her in stitches!  I can't verify what he was doing as he was mostly jumping about behind the camera but I'm pretty sure there was comedy dancing involved!

When I arrived, Sarah told me that Clemmie had gone the whole morning without her usual nap (she was obviously excitedly anticipating her photoshoot!), so we made time for some quieter moments, including a milk break.  Apparently, Clemmie always curls her toes when she drinks her milk and I managed to get a lovely photo of those tiny feet, curled up with pure pleasure!  It's precious little details like this that are so easy to forget as babies get older.

After a bit more play, it was definitely time for a nap and I'm pleased to say that all those close-ups had exhausted Clemmie and she went to sleep instantly.  Rosie Wedderburn Photography: available for photoshoots and baby sleep training! 

It was such a lovely morning, South London turns out to be really quite nice (!) and I absolutely love the photos of this beautiful mum and baby.  I can't resist finishing with this peach of a photo (below) of Clemmie looking totally gorgeous and serene, cuddled up to her mum.  See what I mean about that perfect, doll-like complexion?  What a beauty!