One of the many things that I love about my, frankly fabulous, job is the opportunity to discover new, hidden places.  Last week, I met a wonderful family who live at a seemingly ordinary address.  Except that, behind their flat, there is an absolutely enormous, beautiful, ancient tree-filled garden.  In a Harry Potter-esque way, the garden sort of unravels from out of their back door and goes on and on and on!  

It was the most perfect backdrop for a family photoshoot and, fortunately, the Great British Weather Fairies (yes, they are a 'thing', I'm sure of it) were feeling benign that day and the sun shone the whole morning.  We whiled away a happy few hours, playing with handsome little Hamish, who didn't stop running around the whole time I was there, and getting some lovely family shots!  I reckon the black and white one (below) is one of my favourite ever family shots! They just look like they're having so much fun (and they were)!


I got so many great pictures of Hamish (who is ridiculously photogenic) that it was really hard to narrow it down for the final edit.

We also made time for some photos of Georgie and Neil individually with Hamish.

All-in-all, it was a wonderful morning, with great company, in a beautiful secret garden.  What could be better?!