Being a reasonably feisty lady myself (I can actually hear my husband's voice saying, "Reasonably?! Ha!"), I have a bit of a soft spot for children with a little bit of a twinkle in their eye and I was not disappointed when I did a family photoshoot recently.  I arrived to see beautiful Thea building a 'house' out of chairs in the kitchen and, despite her angelic looks, she definitely has a mischievous sense of humour!

She immediately invited me into her new home and showed me where I could find all the important rooms.  It was difficult to find time to take pictures as I was having way too much fun!  When her little brother, Josiah, woke up, we grabbed the opportunity of the first glimpse of sunshine, in an otherwise rainy day, and headed outside with the children's wonderful mum, Emily.

As with all sibling friendships, there were a few 'MINE!' moments (which made for possibly my favourite ever photo, see below)!  But they generally played very sweetly together, with Thea very much in charge and little Josiah thrilled to be involved with his hero. Who just happens also to be his big sister.

Unfortunately, the sunshine didn't last long and a sudden thunderstorm drove us inside for some snacks.  I managed to get a few sweet shots as the children ate their popcorn.  I particularly love the one below of the two of them comparing snacks.  I'm pretty sure there's a toddler rule: I want whatever's in your bowl!

Emily then came to join the children on the sofa.  I love these family shots and Thea being tickled by her mum.  There is nothing cuter than a giggling child! 

The kids were getting tired by this point in the afternoon, so Emily suggested reading a book.  We had a lovely bit of 'down time', during which Josiah spotted some left-over popcorn on Thea's dress.  The resulting photo (below) makes me laugh every time I see it!

This photoshoot was organised as a present from Emily to her husband.  I hope he likes the photos - I had so much fun taking them!