Weddings are the most amazing celebrations, but they can sometimes seem overwhelming as guest lists grow, costs mount and the pressure builds!  Jesse and Matt went down a different route altogether: immediate family only, an extremely stylish venue (The Covent Garden Hotel), a short but moving ceremony and incredible food and wine.  The food and wine was clearly of particular importance and, I think it's fair to say, Matt's main focus (besides marrying the girl of his dreams, obviously)!  These photos of Jesse getting ready with her mum show what a fabulously beautiful bride she was.

Matt needed some help with his cufflinks, too!

The dress was the closest design that Jesse could find to her grandmother's wedding dress.  It had a beautiful, vintage feel and suited her perfectly.

Jesse and Matt wanted to have some photos taken together before the service, so the moment the groom saw his future wife in her dress for the first time was a wonderful quiet, private moment.  I absolutely love this photo (below) of Matt's first reaction to Jesse.  His expression is full of joy and pride and he's clearly quite emotional.

A proud mum-in-law moment before we set off exploring the hotel, finding places for couple photos before the service...

The couple then went off to enjoy a few private moments before the ceremony and I managed to get a few shots of Matt's sister nervously guarding his ring and the two families excitedly awaiting the arrival of Matt and Jesse.  The ceremony was extremely special and emotional, with Matt's mum (among others) shedding a few tears of joy!

Some celebratory champagne after the service, followed by more drinks in the library and some photographs of the bridal party.  Although, it was almost impossible to get a more formal shot of Matt and his siblings as they just wouldn't stop giggling!  

After drinks, the bride and groom had prepared a hilarious quiz to test their families' knowledge of their romantic history.  Each team had its own specific noise (clackers, whistles etc.) to make enthusiastically when they knew an answer.  There was some serious competition, which provided for excellent 'reportage' style photography opportunities! (All the flowers, by the way, were done by the incredibly talented mother-of-the-groom.)

I left the guests and the newlyweds to enjoy a slap-up meal well into the night.  What a fabulous, stylish and joyful wedding.   Congratulations, Jesse and Matt!