I have been mega busy these last few months and so have let Friday's favourite fall by the way-side a bit, but it's back with this corker of a shot!  I took this during a newborn / family photoshoot I did last week and it just makes me laugh so much!  Newborn babies are obviously adorable but sometimes siblings, quite rightly, get a bit miffed by the amount of attention they command.  Lucia is clearly wondering what might happen if the dinosaur swallowed her baby brother whole, just temporarily of course, thereby freeing up that all-important space on mummy's lap!  These kind of spontaneous moments are gold for a photographer.  If I had been setting up the shot, I would have ensured you could see Lucia's face clearly as well, but actually I was really pleased with the framing of it.  I like the way Lucia's arms frame Axel's tiny body and his completely sleepy obliviousness (definitely a real word) perfectly off-sets the dinosaur's eager eyes and toothy jaws! This style of reportage photography is what I most enjoy and it's shots like this that make it so satisfying.