I'm pleased to say that Christmas 2014 was clearly an excellent one as I am all booked up with newborn shoots at the moment and loving every moment!  Meet the very gorgeous, 4 day old Henry.

 He was the perfect baby for 99% of the shoot but did NOT like having his clothes taken off and showed his disdain by peeing on his very amused daddy!  I'm thrilled to say that I captured the exact moment!

One of the wonders of a newborn photoshoot is watching new parents drink up every detail of their new person.  Helena and Mike couldn't get enough of this tiny little boy they had only just met and I love how these photos show how totally and utterly besotted they are with Henry.

The image below of Helena and her newborn son is my favourite from the shoot.  You get a real sense of the scale of this tiny human being.  Look at Helena's hand around almost his entire body.  It is so cute it makes me feel slightly giddy!

Mike and Helena had a great story from the hospital when Henry was born.  Apparently, Henry was presented to them, held aloft, while they both looked up in wonder.  We obviously had to recreate the moment in a Lion King-esque fashion, Henry looking suitably regal and disdainful!

I've never photographed a newborn who stayed awake as long as Henry, but eventually it was too much even for this energetic little one.  He was soothed by being tickled by a very soft rabbit (this photo, below, of him looking suspiciously at the rabbit cracks me up!) and eventually, he dropped off. Here he is, as I left, recuperating from all that perfect behaviour.

Congratulations, Helena and Mike!  I loved meeting your very adorable Henry!