I am so enjoying all the newborn shoots I've been doing recently and I particularly love being witness to monumental moments such as this: a big sister (all of two years old!) holding her week-old sister for the first time.

Aside from the fact that Freya is an absolute beauty, there's a very sweet tenderness to these photos that will be an amazing record in years to come.  Libby was the consummate professional (can you be a professional newborn baby?!) and turned her head very considerately towards the light for her close-ups, before curling up in that deliciously newborn way for a few shots on the bed.

As you can see, Libby was in a lovely, sleepy mood and we took advantage of that to get some great photos of her with her very proud mum and dad.

Not to be outshone for too long, Freya wanted her bit of the action, too!  These photos of her playing with her parents, while they very calmly hold the miniature baby are some of my favourites!

Obviously, it was crucial that we got some family shots with the new arrival and, once again, Freya just couldn't resist snuggling up close to Libby.  Sometimes, there might even have been just a touch too much love!  Imogen and Will were very good at quickly shooting out a protective arm when Freya couldn't resist a (slightly too tight) cuddle!

A kiss for mummy and then daddy helped Freya to burn off a little of that toddler energy (see below!).

By now, Libby was well and truly awake, so we got some adorable pictures of her with both of her doting parents.  You know that whole thing about how newborns don't smile?  Look at the photo below of Libby beaming at her mum...surely, proof to the contrary?!

It was such a happy morning and a great joy to spend time with this lovely family.  I'll finish this post with this sweet, funny couple of photos of Freya mirroring her mum's sympathetic shushing of Libby and then doing an angelic smile!  I love how these photos tell their own little story!

AuthorRosie Wedderburn