I can't tell you how much I am enjoying cooing over newborn babies at the moment.  Since I spend most of my time racing around after a lively toddler, it's absolute bliss being able to photograph delicious, tiny little people who don't move all that much.  Even better, when they cry, I can hand them back to their brilliant parents and go and have a cup of tea!  Little Darcey was only a week old when I took these photos and she was an absolute angel when I needed some peaceful, sleeping poses.  Here she is looking utterly peaceful and adorable.

She even managed a sweet little sleepy smile at exactly the right moment.  I just don't believe those naysayers who claim newborn babies don't smile.  Look!  She's definitely having a funny dream!

Tiny Darcey was very obliging when I moved her around on the bed and had a lovely cuddle with Mummy while still fast asleep.

But then, dear readers, I made the crucial error of asking Stephanie to pick Darcey up for some photos with her and David.  Initially, this went very well, with Darcey doing some dreamy stretching and yawning, which made for some excellent photos (see below). But then - and this is where that old maxim, 'Never wake a sleeping baby' should be heeded - she realised she was hungry.  Newborn hungry.  There is nothing that will stand in the way of a newborn baby and her milk (quite rightly), not least a mere photoshoot.  I made my way sheepishly downstairs while Stephanie fed her ravenous baby!

Fortunately, it didn't take long for Darcey to bounce back, with a very full stomach!  Her grandparents were ready to take over at this point. And when I say 'ready', I mean 'could not WAIT' to take over and have a cuddle with her!

Once David and Stephanie managed to persuade her adoring grandparents to give their daughter back, we got some great family shots too!

Stephanie, David and Darcey, thanks for inviting me to come and take photos.  I had a lovely morning and so enjoyed meeting you all!

AuthorRosie Wedderburn