If you were thinking of moving away from the area you live in now, what would you want to remember about your day-to-day life?  This was exactly the question that Anna and Gareth asked themselves.  Although their move isn't imminent (as you can see, they have a newborn baby to think about first!), Gareth's job means they may be posted anywhere in the world at short-ish notice.  So, they decided to get me involved to help them do a photographic journey through their local area and their favourite places.

We started off close to their home and then made our way towards their local church, where they go on Sundays and for children's groups during the week.  Rose was having a whale of a time, spinning around lamposts and riding on her buggy backwards!

After that, we made our way to Finsbury Park, where you can reliably find at least one child at any given time waiting for trains to wave at as they pass underneath the bridge.  I'm happy to say that they are often rewarded with a wave from the driver and the sound of the train's horn!  There were some very serious faces from Rose and Gareth as they watched in anticipation!

The park has a brilliant playground, so we spent some time there before heading off to play hide and seek and climb some trees!

We even found a quieter moment to squeeze in some maternity shots and a few of Anna and Gareth together.  Although, I had to be quick with the latter as Rose was pretty cold by then and not happy that Mummy and Daddy were getting a cuddle without her!

Fortunately for Rose (and me!  My fingers were pretty frosty by now!), the last place on Anna and Gareth's journey around their favourite Finsbury Park spots was a fantastic, warm cafe!  I love this photo of Rose drinking her babycino so eagerly that she has got chocolate eyebrows! 

I'm absolutely thrilled to say that baby Joshua arrived last week, weighing in at a bruising 10 pounds, 7 ounces!  Ouch.  Huge congratulations, Anna, Gareth and Rose!  What exciting times there are ahead for your family.