I've only recently got into Elton John (I know, talk about being late to the party!) but I'm absolutely loving getting to know his songs the way most people did 30 odd years ago!  One of my faves at the moment is 'Blue Eyes' and I couldn't stop humming it to myself as I edited these photos of the beautiful Julia-Marie. 

Just look at those eyes!  They are completely hypnotising!  Julia-Marie's mum, Athena, wanted mostly photos of her baby girl, so we focused mainly on Julia-Marie to begin with.

I absolutely love this photo (above) showing the close connection between mother and daughter.  The way that 3 month old Julia is mirroring her mum's head tilt is so sweet and touching!

Although Athena had asked me to focus mainly on photos of Julia-Marie, I couldn't resist getting a few mother daughter shots as well. And I'm so pleased with how they turned out.  Look at that amazing contrast in their eye colour!  Athena's deep brown compared to Julia-Marie's intense blue.  Stunning.

I absolutely loved photographing these two beautiful ladies and am really excited that Athena has asked me to come back in 3 months to do another shoot with the growing Julia-Marie!  See you in April!