When I was little, my wonderful parents organised an Easter egg hunt for me and my two brothers every Spring.  While my older brother and I would tear around collecting as much chocolate as we could possibly find before stuffing ourselves until we were sick, my younger (calmer!) brother would make his way around slowly, picking up each egg, examining it joyfully and declaring, "Lucky, lucky boy."  It's become something of a family saying, reminding us to appreciate fleeting moments and count all our blessings.  The reason I am recounting this story in the context of this newborn photoshoot is for two reasons.  Firstly, it was clear from the beginning that Luis's smitten parents could not believe their luck, having such a beautiful, perfect little boy arrive in their lives!  I think you can see in these photos their feelings of being overwhelmed by love and wonder!  And secondly, because Luis is being brought up trilingual (Spanish mum, German dad and London home) and if that doesn't make him a lucky, lucky boy, I don't know what does!

Luis was a perfect baby model, with an array of brilliant, often hilarious expressions!

Irene's mum was visiting, to help out with little Luis in his first few weeks.  As you can see, mum and grandmother were equally besotted with their new boy!

There's something about a naked newborn baby that is thoroughly irresistible.  All those little creases and folds and the unblemished softness of their skin.  And I love that little whorl of hair on the back of Luis's head in the photo below.  Adorable.

It's pretty unusual for any baby to get to the end of a photoshoot and not completely conk out!  Luis was out for the count by the time I left!  What a little cutie!