I have had the enormous privilege of taking photos of beautiful Julia-Marie every 3 months since she was just a tiny baby.  At our recent, 9 month photo shoot, it was amazing to see her crawling, playing, making hilarious faces and generally starting to learn about clowning around and making her parents laugh!

She is, as you can see, a wonderfully photogenic little lady, with those enormous blue eyes (you'll see who she gets them from in some of the photos a bit further down this post!) and cheeky smile.

I promise you, I didn't Photoshop those eyes, they really are that blue!

For those of you that read my blog regularly, you'll know that I'm a bit of a fan of (*ahem*, obsessed with) my bubble machine!  I have yet to meet a child (or adult, let's be honest) who isn't totally overjoyed by streams of bubbles!  Sean, Athena and Julia-Marie were no exception!  Some of my favourite photos are the ones that capture a funny or unexpected moment and I love this one (below) of a bubble just popping in front of Julia-Marie and her adorable reaction!

There were opportunities for some quieter moments too.  I love these two shots with her Mummy and Daddy where Julia-Marie cuddled up close.

As those of you who have children will know, 9 month old babies don't have a long attention span and Julia-Marie definitely started looking tired after all the antics in the garden.  We moved indoors for some portraits of her in her bedroom and some more family photos.  See if you can spot where she gets her eyes from (hint: you can't miss it!).

One of the (many) great things about working with the same family over a period of time is that you get to know their little family quirks.  Like the fact that Sean, Athena and Julia-Marie have a family 'face'!  I absolutely love this sort of detail and it's amazing how, if you don't record these things, they get forgotten.  So, I obviously had to get a photo of the whole family doing The Face (see below)!

That, for me, would be the one to frame and put up on the wall, but just in case they wanted something a bit more 'traditional', this one (below) of Julia-Marie enjoying kisses from her loving parents, is a corker too! 

I loved seeing this family again, and can't wait to catch up when Julia-Marie turns one!