It was a crisp morning when I met up with this lovely family in their local park.  We had to work fast as baby Reuben was due his nap soon and Jem was not one for staying in one place for any length of time (owing to the fact that he is a very normal, energetic 3 year old!).  We began with family shots and I told Jem I was pretty sure he couldn't make Reuben laugh.  He proved me wrong, as you can see!

I can never resist a good game of hide-and-seek, so on the way to the playground, while Reuben napped, Jem and Joanna hid and Ed sought them out!

After all that exercise (and in order to warm ourselves up!), we felt the time had come for a cosy hot chocolate back at their house.  Jem led the way and I got a great opportunity for some lovely photos of the adoring brothers.  How cute is this one (below)?!  I love Reuben's dreamy expression and Jem's proud little look. 

I almost can't bear this one (below)!  Look how much Reuben wants that hot chocolate! Ha ha!

Ed joined in for some boys' photos.  Then Jem wanted to blow raspberries on Daddy's face and I thought, 'Well, that will make a good photo.' Sorry, Ed!  But I was right, I love this shot!

We ended with some time for Reuben to shine.  The younger sibling so often plays second fiddle to the older one, so I'm really glad we found a quiet moment for Reuben to flash his charming smile!  What a great morning! Thanks for having me, Ed, Joanna, Jem and Reuben.  And thanks for my hot chocolate, too!