As soon as I arrived to take photos of this fabulous family a few weeks ago, Charlie (2 years old) led me into the playroom and showed me his diggers.  He explained (with impressively technical language) how they dig and take away the rubble before the building process begins.  I was pretty confident we were going to have a fun morning.  One look at that cheeky grin confirmed my prediction!

Having taken me through the technicalities of disposing of building rubbish, Charlie introduced me to his gorgeous little sister, Florence.

When I'm taking photos of children, I often ask parents to stand behind me and get their kids' attention.  Will did an amazing job of getting his two to laugh uproariously as he jumped about like a monkey behind me, and I also managed to capture the moment Charlie started shouting, "No, Daddy!  Stop!" while giggling uncontrollably!

After all that excitement, Charlie had had enough of photos for a bit so he took himself off to empty a few toy boxes.  Have a look at this photo below of Will and Florence, with Charlie busying himself in the background.  I love how this is a beautiful photo of a dad and his daughter, but also tells a real story of family life!

We took the opportunity to get some great photos of Florence, with her parents and on her own.  She's an absolute beauty, as you can see and was a total trooper, despite being a little bit coldy and teething.

I can't really handle those tear-drenched eyelashes.  Too adorable.

After swooning over Florence's enormous blue eyes and sweet smile for a bit, Laura, Florence and I snuck downstairs to see what Will and Charlie were doing.  Taking over the kitchen with a highly sophisticated train set construction.  Obviously.

A pause for some quiet reading and then we braved the British elements and went out in the rain.  Luckily, everyone was very positive and we actually had a lovely, refreshing (!) walk and got some great photos.

Us Brits don't let a bit of freezing, driving rain stop us! Thanks for being so hardy, Laura, Will, Charlie and Florence.  I really enjoyed our morning together!