Kate and Tim invited me back to their home a few months after a newborn shoot for little Isabel (see that shoot here) to photograph Tim's family, visiting from Australia.  It was a wonderful reunion for the little girl cousins and a chance to meet the newest family member.

Tim's parents were clearly thrilled to be in London and couldn't be prouder of their two children and three granddaughters!

The cousin relationship is such a special one - somewhere between a best friend and a sibling - and these two were clearly developing a close bond, despite living so far away from each other.

With big groups like this, I always try and make sure I photograph a variety of different people combinations, as well as getting the whole family photos.  My favourite pictures from this particular shoot are of Tim's parents.  If I'm still looking at my husband with such love in 30, maybe even 40 years time, I'll consider myself an extremely happy lady!

Father daughter combinations always make my heart burst a little bit.  Look at how she's got her hand in his pocket (below)! Feeling all the feels for that one!

And the wry half smile with her gorgeous mum!  Kids don't always smile on cue (Stop press!) but I often love the more expressive pictures better than the ones with the toothy grins.  This one is so sweet because you can see she's amused by whatever is going on but that she's just waiting for it to be REALLY funny before she full-on giggles!

I know it shouldn't be a surprise that babies grow (I'm on fire with the headline grabbing news today!), but I'm always shocked by how quickly it happens!  Look at little Isabel!  She was a tiny, curled up newborn just a moment ago!  Now she's so smiley and interactive.  And just look at those big, blue eyes!  


There was time for some playing, cuddles with Grandpa and, of course, dancing!  All a bit exhausting for little Isabel, who had a cat nap.


Such a special family gathering and lovely to be witness to the next generation of this family getting to know each other and developing life-long friendships.  Thanks for having me back, Kate and Tim!