I cannot believe that I met this delicious little girl TWO YEARS ago!  What has happened to that time?!  It has been such a joy to photograph Julia-Marie regularly throughout the last few years (take a look here and here for some of those pictures) and what a pleasure to see her grow from an observant, enormous-eyed, cuddly baby into the energetic, fun-loving, giggling beauty she is now!


I've said many times on this blog before, but it's worth repeating - one of the many things I love about my job is the opportunity to meet new people.  It has been particularly lovely to get to know Sean and Athena over the years.  They are such a warm, hospitable couple, so easy to get along with!  Each time I meet up with them for a photoshoot, I know that I'm going to really enjoy the next few hours as we catch up on the previous months' news!  


You can see in these photos how much fun they all have as a family!  And I can't wait to meet the newest member, who will be arriving in 2018!


I'm so pleased I managed to capture Julia-Marie's twinkly, playful streak in these photos (above and below)!  She's got the cutest sense of humour and an extremely ready smile, but I had to be quick to catch it!  She's never still for long!


This photo (above) has got to be one of my favourite family photos of all time!  It really illustrates the storytelling element of photography.  I love photos that show relationships and family dynamics and I think this one, of the three of them interacting over a game of peekaboo, laughing and being silly together, is a great example of one picture telling a whole family tale!


As always, a complete pleasure to catch up with you all, Sean, Athena, Julia-Marie and bump!