What a pleasure to revisit this amazing family, just a few months after sweet Tom was born!  But, what a miserable day!  Fortunately for us all, the idea was put forward to meet at the Botanical Gardens where we headed swiftly for the tropical greenhouse!


Simon and Heather seem to be taking four children in their stride and the whole family appears remarkably well adjusted, despite sleepless nights and new sibling rivalries to contend with!

At the greenhouse, Florence and I had a lot of fun making palm tree hair styles! The portrait on the left is one of my all-time favourites - I love the way her beautiful face is framed with the layers of hair, hood and greenery!  And the one on the right...well, it's just hilarious!


The sisters all played together in a really touching way, sharing secrets and showing each other exciting new discoveries.  My camera, meanwhile, was not enjoying the sudden temperature change and was misting up and refusing to take pictures.  Argh! Photographer's nightmare!  Fortunately, it recovered in time to capture this sweet moment (below) of all four children huddled together (for warmth or love? Who knows?!).


I do know these cuddles (below) are inspired by pure, unadulterated love!


I was really pleased with the way the light was streaming through the palm fronds, highlighting Tom's gorgeous sleeping face in the picture above.  Natural theatrical lighting!


Tom managed to stay asleep through group photos and family dancing (!), but woke up in time for some sisterly attention.


I got some particularly sweet smiles from the youngest two members of the family and managed to catch a playful moment between Simon and Hattie!


Just as we were about to leave, the older girls led us to this flaming, autumnal, magic tree which provided just about the most perfect backdrop for a quick feed for Tom, followed by some family photos!


Another wonderful day with this wonderful family!  Thanks Simon, Heather, Ellie, Florence, Hattie and Tom for letting me tag along for your family day out!  I loved every minute (especially the one that contained millionaire shortbread in the cafe)!

AuthorRosie Wedderburn