I first photographed these beautiful people 3 years ago, when Felix was just a baby (where the blazes did that time go, I ask you?!) and now he's a proper little gentleman with a delicious baby sister, Florence!  

We started our photoshoot giggling A LOT and Felix told me some excellent jokes!  

He was also a pro at cracking his little sister up and I got some beautiful, mixed shots of her looking serious and contemplative (mainly when looking at me!) and giggling madly whenever Felix came near!

When the children needed a bit of a change of scene, Alex suggested we put them in the bath!  Apparently, they both love bath time, and I'm so glad she suggested it as I really love these photos!

Aren't they amazing?!  Look at those beautiful smiles!

As anyone with small children knows, in order to keep them interested, activities have to be short and sweet, so it was out of the bath and reading a book with Mummy next.

Clothes on, family cuddle on the sofa and out into the garden after that.  No hanging about!

And, you know, if you're going to do family shots, have a bit of fun with them, eh?! (A tip from Felix's school of photography)

Baaa ha ha ha haaa!  That shot still makes me laugh every time I look at it!

Since Felix had a photoshoot all to himself all those years ago, we took some time to photograph Florence with her lovely, loving parents.

She is such a little treasure!  

Thanks for asking me to come back and take more photos of your frankly GORGEOUS children, Alex and Simon!  You guys are awesome!

AuthorRosie Wedderburn