It was a huge pleasure to revisit this wonderful family, who I first photographed when Clemmie was a few months old.  Now a very proud older sister, Clemmie was keen to introduce me to Freya, who is the same age as Clemmie was (are you still following me?!) in the first photos I took a few years ago.  She is also almost identical to Clemmie at the same age.  See if you can tell the difference in the photos below.  The top one is Freya now, the ones below...Well, your guess is as good as mine! 

These photos (above) were taken three years apart.  Can you tell the difference?  Me neither!

There's something particularly poignant about the same pose with a child as they grow up.  Showing the passage of time and remembering how they were while thinking about how they will change again in future years.  Hasn't Clemmie grown into the most gorgeous little girl?  Those curls. 

At the start of the photoshoot, Clemmie had some time with her parents before Freya woke up and made the most of being in front of the camera with amazing, cheeky smiles and cuddles with Mum and Dad!  We also made time for some bug-hunting in the garden. Obvs.

I think my two favourite photos of the morning are the ones below.  Doesn't the first one just sum up having a sibling?!  Mine!  Nope, too slow!  And Clemmie and Duncan having a 'fail' moment with an Ella's pouch is just priceless!

As you can see, Freya is a natural in front of the camera too, although definitely a bit less trusting of the stranger with the clicky box than her big sister!  She kept her serious face on for a lot of the time when looking at me!  But, fortunately that serious face is an absolute beaut.

Oh, I love this precious photo (below).  Clemmie was busy feeding Freya her snack and Freya just didn't take her eyes off her beloved big sis.  

Thanks for inviting me back, Sarah, Duncan, Clemmie and Freya!  Hopefully, I'll see you again in a few years time!