Getting invited into someone's home to take photos of their family is always a complete pleasure and all the more so when you get invited back!  I photographed the adorable Isabel when she was a newborn and then again a few months later, when Tim's family came over from Australia to visit.  (You'll have to keep an eye on the blog as those photos will be posted in a couple of days!)  It was lovely to see the family in the initial few weeks after birth, adjusting to life with a new family member and sleepless nights!  

I'm always amazed by how fresh-faced my clients look, just days after giving birth!  I can't even look at the photos of me in the weeks after having my babies: I look haggard and exhausted and ancient!  But Tim and Kate seemed to be untouched by the rigours of caring for a newborn AND they were still making each other laugh!  This photo (above) was one of my favourites from the shoot.  An intimate, family moment, that captures real expressions during the sharing of a private joke.  Also, note the tangle of hands in the bottom centre of the picture - every member of the family has their hands together.  It's details like that that you just can't plan for in a photo, but they make it extra special.

When I'm photographing newborns, I like to try and capture the whole range of expressions.  Not just the serene, sweet, sleepy faces, but the way they cry, fleeting smiles and unintentional raised eyebrows!  Babies faces change so quickly and those expressions will only last a few weeks before they change too.  It's so precious to record them while they last.  

Of course there has to be attention for older siblings too.  Lottie got her time in the limelight with tickles from Mummy and Daddy and demonstrations of her favourite toys!  And the idea of capturing fleeting expressions isn't just confined to newborns.  Look at Lottie's sweet little tongue sticking out in concentration as she builds the train track.  Those kind of things are so ordinary and everyday when you have a young child that you forget they won't last forever.  My aim is always to photograph children in a way that reflects their personality.  I don't want you to have reams of 'photo smiles' in your albums.  The best pictures are the ones that prompt a memory of a particular time: "Oh, I remember when you used to do that face!  That was always when you were thinking hard about something!"

I put these two photos (above) together because they both show such pride!  A mother's pride in her new daughter and a little girl's pride in her new sister. (The former moment lasted slightly longer than the latter! Ha ha!)

And I had to end with this gem of a photo!  Lottie was opening the family post and there's something about this picture that just makes me laugh every time I see it!  I think it's the question in Lottie's eyes: "Mummy, Daddy, have you SEEN this offer from Costco?!"  Maybe it's my quirky sense of humour but photos like this make my day!

What a gorgeous family!  Like I said, check back in a few days for part two!