Girls, girls! 

Well, they run this family, at least!  What a pleasure it was to photograph this beautiful, fiery, thoughtful, loving bunch of ladies (and their wonderful parents!).  I was greeted with huge enthusiasm by Florence (the middle of the three) who was so full of positive, loving acclamations that I felt immediately welcomed!  I was given a guided tour of the garden, including the trampoline, the teepee, the vegetable patch... It was an action-packed morning! 


You'll be amazed to hear that Heather and Simon decided that three girls were just a little too easy for them, and have another baby on the way.  In fact, since this photoshoot, little Tom has been born and I'm sure is being fully absorbed into life with three older sisters.  

Good luck, Tom ;-) 


After getting to know the girls a bit and snapping some family photos (these ones are always the hardest to get, so I tend to start with the family ones), I had some time with each of the girls, getting portraits of them all individually.


But obviously if your big sister is having her photo taken, it's irresistible to get in on the act!  I love this one of Ellie and Florence sharing a joke together.


Serene Heather took all the crazy fun in her stride and appeared perpetually calm. Which will stand her in good stead with four children!


After a while, the girls needed some time to chill out, so while they recuperated with a snack and some sneaky TV watching, Simon and Heather had a rare moment to themselves (well, if you ignore the photographer lurking nearby!).   I think you'll agree, the photos are pretty sweet.  


I really loved my morning with this raucous family and can't wait to go back in a few months and photograph the new addition!  How will the girls be coping with A BOY in the house? (Sorry, Simon, I meant ANOTHER boy!)  Watch this space...