It seems deeply unfair to post a load of pictures from an extremely hot summer day, but it's nice to be reminded that the sunshine WILL come again and those long, sweltering days in the park aren't gone forever!  The day I met up with this gorgeous family was actually (whisper it) just a little TOO hot!  Chasing active toddler twins and an energetic 4 year old tested my fitness regime (ha ha!  As if I have one of those!) to the max.


We started off in a lovely, shady picnic area where Louis revealed all the amazing toys he had carefully stashed in his frankly awesome turtle rucksack.  Emmeline and Florence were allowed to play with them for limited periods!


Before long, the girls were off, directing the family and racing around the fountains!


We still managed to squeeze in some lovely family shots, but I had to be quick with the camera in the 5 second window that the whole family were in one place at the same time!


Louis was an absolute natural in front of the camera - very relaxed and he had lots of ideas about where would be best to take photos of him (including in a hedge!).  I particularly love this shot (above) of him and Jamie taking a moment of time out to shoot the breeze.  I didn't even have to pose them, they really were sitting in this adorable way!

Getting a picture of all three children together proved super tricky.  There was way too much to look at and explore, but a little snack and drink provided a brief opportunity and I love this shot of the three of them (above).  The little interaction between the girls, combined with Louis's irresistible grin is a winning combination!


The other challenge was trying to remember which twin I had photographed already.  I still can't tell them apart, although I'm assured by Helen and Jamie that they're not identical!  What do you think?  Can you tell which portraits are of which girl?!  I'm pretty sure I got beautiful, individual portraits of both of them, but they could all be of Florence!  Or is it Emmeline?!


And then a chance for Louis to shine!  I love this photo of him and Helen (below), with their matching blue eyes!  Louis was very keen for me to photograph him climbing and the two portraits of him in trees are among my favourites - what a smile!


What a fabulous day in the sun!  It seems like a distant memory now, but I keep looking at these photos and telling myself it's not that long until Spring.  Right?!