...but some things are better in monochrome.  Like newborn photography.  Granted, it's a personal preference, but there's something about a photo of a NEW newborn baby, in black and white, that captures the texture and softness of the baby's skin so perfectly.  Laurie was six days old when I took these photos and he's still got that downy, silky smooth skin.  You can almost smell the amazing, new baby smell on the top of his head!


To me, these intimate portraits of mum and new baby are something particularly special.  This woman has carried this little infant, dreamed about him, hoped and prayed for him, laboured for him...and now he's here.  I'm not a great wordsmith, but these photos tell a story of longing and exhaustion and LOVE.  Laurie's tiny hand, clutching his mum's pacifying little finger...  I can't get enough of these images.


And lest we forget...there's a dad involved too!  Look at this pair of photos above.  Ed's look of pride in each one - first for his remarkable wife, then for his miraculous boy.  Sorry if I'm overdoing the schmaltz, but I really do love these photos (had you noticed?!)!  It is a genuine pleasure and privilege to capture families at their most momentous, raw times.


While I was cooing over little Laurie, Nat slept peacefully.  But it wasn't too long before he wanted to join the family party.  Cuddles with Mummy were clearly first on the agenda, then checking up on his new little bro and finally a bit of music making.  He's got good priorities, this boy.


We had some fun with family photos in the flat and the garden.  Story time, tickling, spinning and throwing were all in order and the results are pretty great!  What a sweet family!


It was an absolute pleasure to meet you, Alex, Ed, Nat and Laurie.  Thanks for inviting me into your home to document Laurie's first, precious days!